About Peter Knight

Western Australian Poet

Peter Knight was born in and is a long time resident of Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated city in the world after Honolulu.

After employment in various occupations during his 20s & 30s, including as a trainee psychiatric nurse, postman & clerk in the family law, criminal law & law reform jurisdictions, Peter Knight practised as a lawyer from his late 30s for over 25 years. He first worked for a large Australian law firm, but for most of that time he was employed by a corporations, securities & investments regulator. His poems do not draw on his legal experience.

In his early 20s, when he lived in Hobart, Tasmania & then Greater Manchester, England, Peter Knight began writing poetry in earnest. In Hobart he put together an unpublished & now largely lost collection entitled 'The Green Greasy Limpopo River'. However, a few poems from that collection survive & appear in his published eBooks.

An unproductive hiatus between his mid 20s & his mid 40s, was followed by some very productive years thru to his early 50s. However, other demands upon his time largely precluded him attempting to publish his work.

Upon his retirement as a lawyer in 2015, he put together 4 collections of poetry, each containing 31 poems, entitled 'Strange surroundS', 'ENORMITY', 'Vigilant Watchers', & 'placental'. These were published by Vivid Publishing, Fremantle, Western Australia as eBooks between December 2016 & June 2017.

Peter Knight thanks his wife Audrey for her support of his literary & other endeavours over many years. He also acknowledges that Tao philosophy, thru his reading of Benjamin Hoff's 'The Tao of Pooh', accords with, & has some influence over, his thinking, perception, values & behaviour. Christian ethics & Biblical narratives have also had some influence. He was an adherent of the then Church of England until his mid-teens but has not since subscribed to any religion or like beliefs.

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